What I've got merits a whole page unto itself! Both in and out of class, I felt support from knowledgeable, positive and encouraging leaders, support with a daily just-right ‘push’ in class that helped build confidence and clarity. I also learned the value of resistance in movement, along with goals of strength, balance and range of motion! Evolutionary yoga is terrific. I’m sold :) 

-Katie E


We are feeling physically, spiritually and emotionally stronger than we were before the retreat. 

-Susan J

We got back after a 17 hour trip and the Sea of Cortez and the comfort and safety of our Yoga pod seems very far distant indeed. I felt truly honoured to be a part of a personally very inspirational week and loved meeting you all and reconnecting with my favourite Gurus.

-Gareth C

Our hearts brought us to this place to find new wisdom, and we did. And to find abundant joy, and we did. And to find each other, and so we have. Thanks Paul & Jenni! 

-Jeff H


The emphasis on function and strength is so helpful to my body. Your explanations are precise and consistent and the added frivolity is always a joy!  

-Linda W

You two are such inspirations to me and so many others. I loved every minute of the week at Maya Tulum. It was a fabulous group, a fun group, an inspiring group. And I was thrilled that Jane (on right) loved it as well. Your current yoga practice is so perfect for me… and many others. Discussion in Inner Journey gave me a lot to think about and gave me specifics to work on this year. I look forward to whatever you have on the plate for next year. 

-Robin H (on left)


I thought the yoga was wonderful. Everything was clear and easy to follow. I felt pushed to work hard and try each pose but never too much. I definitely feel stronger since the start of the week. I very much love your style of teaching.



Feeling wonderful once again after my annual infusion of joy and health and helpful introspection. 

-Ginna F


I came home from Baja stronger than ever, even after major surgeries! I can't thank you enough for being committed to each of us, and each of our challenges. Yoga has literally changed the trajectory of my spine. I give you credit for being sensitive, giving us alternate positions and helping us get stronger and more flexible so all parts of our bodies are working. Fear/ pain doesn't get in the way... at many levels. Self caring, knowing my body, and being guided by teachers who care, deeply matters. 

-Tamara (on left)