Starting out

Starting out Become aware of how your feet and legs carry you around in simple daily activities. What are your habits of posture and movement as you stand, sit and move? In order to seek relief from pain, first deepen your understanding of its nature and causes. Try this simple test: Stand and walk in place. Stop, and without changing anything, observe how you are standing. Notice the direction your feet turn. Chances are one or both feet are turned out, revealing a misalignment in the muscles and bones of the legs. Notice if one foot and leg supports you more, causing your weight to be unevenly distributed. Are you standing with your femur bones forward of your ankles, contributing to a flattening of your lumbar spine and weakening the lift of your lower abdominals? This common tendency allows the top of your thigh bones to sit forward rather than centered in your hip sockets, forcing all the muscles above, including your paraspinals and even the muscles of your shoulders and neck, to overwork. It also creates more wear and tear than necessary in the hip joint. Or do you stand with your femur bones thrust backward, hyperextending your lower back and thrusting your rib cage forward?

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