Imagine this…

Imagine this… the joyous, exhilarating, rejuvenating act of moving freely. Your arms swing, your hips are open, you bend over and reach up effortlessly. You feel nothing in your back whether you’re standing or sitting for hours or pushing yourself to the max in a yoga class or the gym. Is there a way to such pain-free movement? Yes, by applying some of Anusara Yoga’s Universal Principles of Alignment you can learn that the secret of a happy back is how you align your feet, legs and heart. A crucial aspect of preventing and healing back problems — even those resulting from genetics, injuries or accidents — is to gain and apply knowledge of good alignment. This is done in two areas: in the body, where we move toward our optimal blueprint, our body’s masterdesign for its highest potential and in the heart, where our deepest healing takes place.

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