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Paul and Jenni Welcome you

To the joy of Evolutionary Yoga!

Be functionally strong, athletically mobile!

Wear out slower!

Open with heart to the changes within.

About us

Paul Gould & Jennifer Fox, Founders

It really was love at first dog pose! 

We met 28 years ago at the world class Rancho La Puerta Health Spa in Tecate, Mexico, as full time resident staff. We taught yoga, back care, Nia movement, Inner Journey, meditation and other classes devoted to fitness and wellness. Ever since, we’ve loved working and teaching together as a couple. Husband and wife owners of NamaStay™ in the beautiful San Lorenzo Valley near Santa Cruz, California, we also offer NamaStay Yoga and Mindfulness Retreats around the world.
 We think everyone is a yogi. If you have a spirit, a body, a love of life and a connection outside yourself, you're a yogi. For us, Yoga is a lifetime awareness practice. Our guiding mantra is, “the quality of our lives is determined by the focus of our attention.” This helps us live life joyfully, mindfully, and compassionately- looking for the good in each other, and the world we live in.

Our Background

Our combined three decades of experience includes extensive backgrounds in Iyengar and Anusara yoga, yoga therapeutics and Restorative Yoga, Pilates, Zen Buddhist Meditation, the Nia Technique, Brad Bartenen’s eilite training, Hakomi and RCS (Recreating the Self) somatic modalities of therapy, and our own style—Evolutionary Yoga.
We’ve appeared in Yoga Journal, The New York Times, and Shape magazine and for three years our yoga therapy articles were featured in Healthy Living magazine, where we were on the Board of Advisors. We were co-creators of Pura Vida Retreat & Spa in Costa Rica where we lived and taught for almost a year and have been guest teachers at many spas and studios.  We were past presenters for IDEA (International Dance Exercise Association) and The Omega Institute.

It wasn't always yoga!

We’ve had a variety of professional careers, from stock broker to building and designing a wellness center (Paul) to advertising, fashion and owning a T-shirt company (Jenni) before delving into the world of Yoga. 

All that prepared us to see that running any company is not just about us. It’s about the connections and community we create. 

We call our community our “Pod". Whatever your level of experience, we invite you to be part of the Pod on our ReTreats, or join us for on-line Zoom classes from NamaStay.

We are all changing… constantly! Shouldn’t our yoga be too? Evolutionary Yoga offers a new way to approach classical yoga poses, deconstructing and reconstructing them in ways that allow you to see and feel what works for you, and what doesn’t. While focusing on functional strength you get to play with a variety of new props like poles, balls and rollers that enhance balance and mobility and unblock channels of energy. You’ll focus on awareness of physical and mental habit patterns, proper movement mechanics, breathing fully and resting sufficiently with effective modifications that prevent you from pushing beyond your limits. Using resistance, muscles and tissues gain elasticity and strength. Postures that require balancing, rotation, flexion  and extension help you build greater stability, integrated movement and a stronger core. The body and brain respond because they love variety in order to grow and change. The mind quiets with the stillness and focus that new postures and meditation bring. We believe that in any time in our lives, at any age, we can regain or continue to deepen what keeps us healthy, strong, feeling athletic, centered and at peace with ourselves.
From our hearts we invite you to join us. 

Namasté from NamaStay™!

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